VR car configurator

Virtual Configurator for the interior and exterior of premium car brands
VR car configurator

Nomix is developing a virtual Configurator for premium cars in collaboration with Avilon, a car dealer. Currently, the application is being piloted on the basis of Mercedes GLE 400d and BMW X5 models. Cars are available in five main colors, with the ability to change the body and interior’ leather colors, the type of wheels and sills, as well as move to the driver’s or passenger’s seat to check the car from the inside.


During the development process, emphasis is placed on the quality and elaboration of car parts, as well as on the convenience of the user interface. The app supports management both with and without VR controllers, using the user’s hand tracking technology. At the same time, the control is simple and intuitive, even for those who do not have experience using virtual reality technology.

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Published 10.10.2020
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