Online meetings and events

Virtual reality has become a new communication format. Online conferences, collaboration in virtual space, holding VR events with participants from anywhere in the world – all this has become a reality today. Multimedia solutions and VR technologies allow you to add a wow-effect to any event, making it not just a boring report, but an event that will be talked about and remembered.

Entertainment area

The broadest possibilities of VR technologies allow you to choose interesting content for any audience, including for the VIP category and top management. Virtual reality helmets cope with this task perfectly.

Games or applications with virtual reality become an effective tool for attracting guests to the company’s exhibition stand. For example, there is a game that was developed for Toyota, it tells about respect for nature and thus attracts “green” partners and customers.

Demonstration of a new product

Car manufacturers and developers actively use VR solutions to present their projects. Customers often do not know all the nuances of technology, so to impress customers and guests of the event, brands such as Porsche, Audi, Skoda, Emirates, Adidas and many others use VR. These technologies work great for new product announcements.

Virtual reality is an effective way to make complex things simple and deliver messages in the most understandable way. It is fashionable, spectacular, atmospheric, so it helps to form the image of a progressive company that is ready to use innovations.

360 degree video

Video with virtual reality glasses takes you to the scene and makes you their main participant. This technology gives the most vivid impressions, the feeling of real presence in the car, at the controls of the aircraft, at the control panel of the production unit. For example, Emirates airlines invites you to evaluate the comfort of a flight on its planes by wearing VR glasses. New Oculus and Vive equipment has become more affordable, so you can create an entire movie theater for 10-20 people during corporate events.

Meetings and collaboration

Skype or Zoom are often used for meetings and conferences, but it is difficult to achieve real emotional contact here. Meeting in virtual reality gives a sense of “live communication”, presence in a circle of colleagues and like-minded people.

Sberbank management has made it a rule to hold meetings with remote employees in VR mode. This format allows you to establish effective communication, work with a large amount of data, and save on business trips. Alfa–Bank uses similar VR solutions for remote customer service. VTB went even further – among the services of this bank there is a VR mortgage: a virtual helmet allows you to pre–inspect the apartment before actual attending the object.

As you can see, virtual reality technologies are extremely useful in the field of events – corporate, entertainment, and training.