A digital twin is a virtual, interactive copy of a real physical object or process that helps you effectively manage it, optimizing business operations. The digital twin contains all the data, including the history of changes and information about the current state. This allows you to simulate almost any situation and visually represent the internal structure of complex systems: a small part, a car, an industrial machine, a factory, a whole city and even a person. You can see the double on monitors, as well as in AR and VR glasses.

Digital twins help reduce production and training costs, simulate potentially problematic scenarios without compromising business, provide remote support, analyze processes, visualize future projects, reduce marketing costs, and even train neural networks to control robotic vehicles.

In what areas are they used?

  • Production;
  • Extractive industry;
  • Automotive;
  • Aviation;
  • Medicine;
  • Retail;
  • Marketing and many others.

What are digital twins for?

  • increase the rate of production or extraction;
  • reduced costs for some processes;
  • fast training of new specialists;
  • reduce production risks;
  • remote tracking of equipment;
  • simulation of contingencies;
  • visualization of product usage in real time;
  • product advertising.

Human digital twin

Digital twins

The digital twin of a person is called an avatar. Avatars are most often created for VR games, participation in virtual meetings and presentations, in retail for advertising products or trying on clothes and accessories.

In the future, it is planned to create a digital copy of the patient for diagnosis and generation of individual recommendations.

The real estate configurator from the Nomix team allows you to change the layout of the house in real time and immediately visualize the changes introduced in the application. For potential buyers of suburban real estate, the configurator is an ideal solution for selecting a project, as it allows you to see various options for main and auxiliary buildings in real scale, as well as inspect the interior.

Digital twins

At the moment, 10 standard projects of country cottages with an area of 120-380 sq. M are available in the configurator. The user also has the ability to change the type of exterior decoration of the house and its color, type of windows, roof covering and covering of the adjacent territory (asphalt / tile / concrete). In the future, it is planned to add the ability to view and configure landscape design to the configurator.

Leave us a request for info@nomixvr.ru and we will help you create a digital twin for your business!