VR simulators for staff training

Rosseti | VR simulators for staff training. In the first simulator, the student is asked to replace the switches on the open switchgear, the second simulator offers to perform work at height
VR simulators for staff training

To train the operating and maintenance personnel of the electric grid company, a virtual simulator was developed to work with electrical equipment and work out such complex tasks as replacing a circuit breaker on a 110 kV open switchgear and replacing an insulating suspension on a 500 kV overhead line.


The application runs on standalone VR glasses that do not require a connection to a computer. This gives the advantage of freedom of movement during training, mobility of the classroom, as well as savings on equipment.

The simulator allows you to reduce the accident rate and the number of accidents in real work, as well as to see the consequences of errors. This has a strong impact on the motivation of employees to responsibly undergo training and comply with regulations and instructions.




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Published 21.10.2022
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