• If VR takes you to a completely new world, then augmented reality (AR, Augmented Reality) transforms the space around, adding digital elements to it. You can try on a new image, evaluate how the new chair will fit into the interior, and even see the real look of the dish from the restaurant menu.
  • 40% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product if they can “test” it in augmented reality;
  • in the West, more than 88% of midsize companies are successfully implementing augmented reality technologies, which helps them to increase their sales.

Using AR to solve business problems

AR technologies can be implemented in absolutely any business niche. For cafes and restaurants – a live menu; for exhibition centers and museums – projection of exhibits in the user’s kitchen; for car dealers – AR showroom; for the beauty industry – online make-up. The scope of possible applications of augmented reality depends solely on the imagination and budget of the creators of the project.Augmented reality applications

In business, AR can be used to solve a large number of tasks:

  • Increased sales. Users make purchasing decisions faster if they see a 360 ° panorama of the product and can view it from all angles.
  • Optimization of costs. AR-presentation of products is a real showroom, to visit which the buyer does not need to leave the house. This approach allows you to reduce the budget for maintaining offline points.
  • Brand loyalty. Many users use AR apps purely for entertainment purposes. Thus, they are in constant contact with the company and stay up to date with its updates and news.
  • PR and reduction in promotion costs. High-quality AR products promote themselves: the media actively write about the launch of such applications, and users are happy to share their experience of use, which increases organic reach.

Augmented reality glasses

Augmented reality applications

Smart glasses allow a person to have hands-free conversations and receive information in the form of messages on the screen. There are also functions for recording image, video and audio, which are activated by voice commands or by lightly touching the touch panel on the temples of the glasses. In AR games like Pokemon GO, glasses augment reality with virtual images.

Examples of augmented reality glasses:

  1. Vuzix M4000. Designed for industrial use. They’re lightweight, comfortable to wear all day, while still delivering high battery performance and an incredibly transparent display.
  2. Vuzix Blade Commercial Edge. Smart glasses for entertainment, everyday and business tasks. Outwardly, they look almost like ordinary glasses. Pointers on maps, weather data, restaurant menus, and social media notifications may appear in your field of vision. The advantages are non-contact control and the ability to use corrective lenses for vision.
  3. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Designed for business and corporate customers. Lightweight, comfortable, hardly felt when worn. They replace the usual means of communication: phone, laptop, smart-watch. Users can use these AR glasses to access the work information they need: documentation, lists, instructions, messages, to send photos or videos.
  4. Epson Moverio. Provide unlimited opportunities for cultural, medical and educational institutions. Provides high image quality and a flexible Android platform for a variety of creative and commercial ideas.

Creation of AR applications

Most augmented reality applications do not require special equipment such as AR glasses and helmets. All the user needs is a smartphone, with the help of which he is immersed in the world you have created.

The Nomix team has been developing virtual and augmented reality applications for several years that solve any client’s business problems. The process of creating such applications includes several stages:

  • Determination of markers or targets to which an object will be “tied” in augmented reality – photography, video, animated 2D or 3D object, etc.
  • Creation of an object – a product model that will be displayed in the user’s “reality”.
  • Development of an application that will allow the selected object to be displayed on any surfaces or on top of the customer’s printed materials.

The areas of application of AR and VR technologies are not limited: therefore, if you decide to integrate modern solutions into your business, the Nomix VR team will be happy to help you realize any idea. Send your requests to the mail info@nomix.ru and we will develop the optimal application for solving your business problems.