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Virtual reality captures the audio-visual perception of a person in order to tell, teach, surprise and involve in the events taking place in the digital universe

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better memorization of information in the form of a VR course

Augmented reality allows you not to leave the world of real things, and adds virtual objects to it - text, video, three-dimensional models or your colleague from an online conference

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speeds up the process of servicing complex equipment in production

Mixed reality combines virtual and augmented reality technologies, and represents all the existing possibilities of visual expansion of reality

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world's largest companies support the OpenXR standard


VR games VR games

Single-player and team games in virtual and augmented reality

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Retail and online sales Retail and online sales

Virtual stores and augmented reality apps for fitting and shopping

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Medicine and health Medicine and health

Opportunities of virtual and augmented reality technologies in the healthcare segment

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Exhibitions and presentations Exhibitions and presentations

Online exhibitions and presentations of products, services, and art objects for a wide audience

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Online meetings and events Online meetings and events

Online conferences and collaboration in a virtual space with advanced features from anywhere in the world

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Production Production

Industrial VR simulators for training standard operations and teamwork, as well as for sorting out emergency situations in production

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Corporate training Corporate training

Effective methods of professional development of the company's employees and soft skills advancement

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Education and enlightenment Education and enlightenment

Application of modern immersive technologies and gamification methods in classical education

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Construction and development Construction and development

Three-dimensional visualization of architectural solutions, joint inspection of design projects and interior configurators

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14 октября 2020

My first experience in VR, or should I trust my first impression

We talk about how people who are not familiar with VR technologies describe their first experience.

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14 октября 2020

Games show serious figures: $100 million in sales on the Oculus Quest platform

The Oculus Quest virtual reality helmet, released in may 2019, recently reached the $100 million content sales benchmark.

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14 октября 2020

VR platforms for conferences and collaboration: an overview of current solutions

The subject of online tools for effective interaction with colleagues is now in the spotlight. We decided to make a selection of current solutions for communication in virtual reality and find out which of them really solve our urgent problems.

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