Bosco | Skating Rink in Virtual Reality

The country's main ice rink is now in VR. The application can be downloaded and run not only with virtual reality glasses, but also on a regular computer.
Bosco | Skating Rink in Virtual Reality

The Bosco di Ciliegi group of companies is more than 200 mono-brand stores of fashionable clothes and accessories. Bosco di Ciliegi stores are located in the historical shopping centers of Moscow - in GUM, Petrovsky and Smolensky Passages, in Vesna on Novy Arbat and in other cities - St. Petersburg, Samara, Sochi. Today, Bosco di Ciliegi is the leading retailer of premium brands in Russia.


Every year, Bosco di Ciliegi organizes the famous ice skating rink on Red Square in front of the GUM building. As part of a joint VR project between Bosco di Ciliegi and Nomix, the customer was tasked with presenting the GUM skating rink in virtual reality so that anyone could ride the famous skating rink and feel the festive New Year's atmosphere even at home.

At the same time, high demands were placed on the level of detail and realism of GUM, which should be depicted in the evening, when thousands of lights are lit on the building and the facade and shop windows are illuminated. No less attention had to be paid to such details as Bosco's signature clothing on the skaters and on the player himself, the main Christmas tree and its decorations, as well as the soundtrack, which adds a sense of presence.


The finished application is already in the public domain and can be downloaded from the website


The Bosco ice rink includes a realistic environment - the GUM building, the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, the Historical Museum, St. Basil's Cathedral, and the entire complex of ice rink buildings: a cafe, a dressing room and an observation deck.

What to do on the virtual ice rink:

View the virtual location of Red Square and the GUM-Skating Complex.
Skate with the implementation of the appropriate physics and special effects.
Find interactive objects - put on skates, a hat and a scarf, drink a glass of coffee, and decorate the Main Christmas Tree and, of course, watch the fireworks!

The application can be downloaded and run not only with virtual reality glasses, but also on a regular computer. Minimum system requirements are available in the application instructions.

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Published 21.10.2022
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